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Creatures, Humans, Robots: Creation Theology Between Humanism and Posthumanism

GOAL: Project investigates new possibilities of Christian and pantheistic-animistic theological responses to the posthumanist challenge, with the aim to develop a fresh, constructive theological approach to the philosophy of humanlike artificial intelligence. The scholarly contexts it draws upon, contribute to, and brings together, are the following fields of theology and philosophy: (1) Creation theology and…
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Joint PhD Study Programme in accreditation: DATA SCIENCE AND AI with application to HEALTH SCIENCES AND ROBOTICS

The third-degree Joint PhD Study Data science and AI with application to Health Sciences and Robotics (DS AI 2 HSR) addresses the fields of Health Sciences and Robotics that are going to be one of those industries that are elevated and made better by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. The programme is under accreditation…
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Artificial Intelligence and early risk prevention in Integrative care

FORTHCOMING CALL: Horizon 2020- Work Programme 2018-2020, Health, demographic change and wellbeing, Personalised early risk prediction, prevention and intervention based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies … CALL AIMS: The ageing of the population together with the rising burden of chronic conditions (incl. mental diseases) and multi-morbidity bring an ever increasing demand to strengthen…
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Artificial Intelligence for Orthostatic Intolerance Prediction in Older Persons

INISTITUTIONS INVOLVED: Physiology Unit, Otto Loewi Center of Vascular Biology Research, Medical University of Graz, Alma Mater Europaea ECM Maribor (AMEU-ECM) CALL: Javni razpis za sofinanciranje znanstvenoraziskovalnega sodelovanja med Republiko Slovenijo / Tender for co-financing scientific research cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Austria in 2020 and 2021 in Republiko Avstrijo…
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Artificial intelligence in Medicine

Maciej Wielgosz, AGH University of Science and Technology, ACC Cyfronet Computing Center, Krakow, Poland, Matej Mertik, Almamater Europaea ECM, Slovenia Quadrilateral Physiology Symposium 2019, Graz, Austria, June 2019 Presentation view

Falls Prediction in eldery people using Gated Recurrent Units

(Submitted on 2 Aug 2019) Marcin Radzio, Maciej Wielgosz, Matej Mertik ABSTRACT Falls prevention, especially in older people, becomes an increasingly important topic in the times of aging societies. In this work, we present Gated Recurrent Unit-based neural networks models designed for predicting falls (syncope). The cardiovascular systems signals used in the study come from Gravitational Physiology,…
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Suicide and suicide attempt descriptors by multimethod approach

Bojan Zalar, Blanka Kores Plesničar, Ina Zalar, Matej Mertik Psychiatria Danubina, 2018; Vol. 30, No. 3, pp 317-322 ABSTRACT Background: Suicide is a complex action of suicidal methods and peripheral factors with seemingly threatening components representing actual cause for the suicidal actions. It is especially those, apparently unimportant factors that represent a crucial milestone in…
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The model of an anomaly detector for HiLumi LHC magnets based on Recurrent Neural Networks and adaptive quantization

Maciej Wielgosz, Matej Mertik, Andrzej Skoczeń, ErnestoDe Matteis Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence Volume 74, September 2018, Pages 166-185 ABSTRACT This paper focuses on an examination of an applicability of Recurrent Neural Network models for detecting anomalous behavior of the CERN superconducting magnets. In order to conduct the experiments, the authors designed and implemented an adaptive signal quantization algorithm and a…
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Using LSTM recurrent neural networks for monitoring the LHC superconducting magnets

MaciejWielgosz, AndrzejSkoczeń, Matej Mertik Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated EquipmentVolume 867, 21 September 2017, Pages 40-50 ABSTRACT The superconducting LHC magnets are coupled with an electronic monitoring system which records and analyzes voltage time series reflecting their performance. A currently used system is based on a…
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A Conceptual Framework for Supporting a Rapid Design of Web Applications for Data Analysis of Electrical Quality Assurance Data for the LHC

(Submitted on 4 Feb 2017) Matej Mertik, Maciej Wielgosz The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is one of the most complex machines ever build. It is composed of many components which constitute a large system. The tunnel and the accelerator is just one of a very critical fraction of the whole LHC infrastructure. Hardware comissioning as one…
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