A Conceptual Framework for Supporting a Rapid Design of Web Applications for Data Analysis of Electrical Quality Assurance Data for the LHC

(Submitted on 4 Feb 2017)

Matej MertikMaciej Wielgosz

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is one of the most complex machines ever build. It is composed of many components which constitute a large system. The tunnel and the accelerator is just one of a very critical fraction of the whole LHC infrastructure. Hardware comissioning as one of the critical processes before running the LHC is implemented during the Long Shutdown (LS) states of the macine, where Electrical Quality Assurance (ELQA) is one of its key components. Here a huge data is collected when implementing various ELQA electrical tests. In this paper we present a conceptual framework for supporting a rapid design of web applications for ELQA data analysis. We show a framework’s main components, their possible integration with other systems and machine learning algorithms and a simple use case of prototyping an application for Electrical Quality Assurance of the LHC.