A Conceptual Development of Quench Prediction App build on LSTM and ELQA framework

(Submitted on 25 Oct 2016)

Matej MertikMaciej WielgoszAndrzej Skoczeń

This article presents a development of web application for quench prediction in \gls{te-mpe-ee} at CERN. The authors describe an ELectrical Quality Assurance (ELQA) framework, a platform which was designed for rapid development of web integrated data analysis applications for different analysis needed during the hardware commissioning of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). In second part the article describes a research carried out with the data collected from Quench Detection System by means of using an LSTM recurrent neural network. The article discusses and presents a conceptual work of implementing quench prediction application for \gls{te-mpe-ee} based on the ELQA and quench prediction algorithm.