AI Reserach and Applications

in the fields of Health Sciences and Pyhsics

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Creatures, Humans, Robots: Creation Theology Between Humanism and Posthumanism

GOAL: Project investigates new possibilities of Christian and pantheistic-animistic theological responses to the posthumanist challenge, with the aim to develop a fresh, constructive theological approach to the philosophy of humanlike[…]

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Joint PhD Study Programme in accreditation: DATA SCIENCE AND AI with application to HEALTH SCIENCES AND ROBOTICS

The third-degree Joint PhD Study Data science and AI with application to Health Sciences and Robotics (DS AI 2 HSR) addresses the fields of Health Sciences and Robotics that are[…]

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Artificial Intelligence and early risk prevention in Integrative care

FORTHCOMING CALL: Horizon 2020- Work Programme 2018-2020, Health, demographic change and wellbeing, Personalised early risk prediction, prevention and intervention based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies … CALL AIMS:[…]

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